Choosing the Best Barrier for Your Pooch: Aluminum vs. Vinyl Fencing

As a pet owner, one of the primary concerns is ensuring your furry friend’s safety. With the plethora of fencing options out there, it might get a tad overwhelming. But don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered. Let’s break down the pros and cons of two popular choices: aluminum and vinyl fencing. Choosing the right […]

Securing Man’s Best Friend: The Rise of Anti-Theft Dog Collars

In a world where our four-legged buddies hold a dear spot, it’s tragic to imagine someone sneaking off with them. Yet, dognapping, while an unpleasant word, has become a genuine concern. Enter the era of anti-theft dog collars, a modern gadget designed to put pet owners’ minds at ease. Canis familiaris – or as you […]

Microchipped Dog Tag vs. Traditional Dog Tags: What You Need to Know

Hey, passionate pet parent! Our furry companions, with their wagging tails and boundless energy, often fill our lives with joy. But, every now and then, they might give us a mini heart attack by vanishing from our sight. In such moments, the significance of identification – be it through tags or microchips – becomes crystal […]

Peeva vs HomeAgain

Compare HomeAgain vs Peeva’s Benefits and Features Your chances of reuniting with a lost pet are much higher if the pet is microchipped – but not all microchip technology, databases, and pet recovery services are the same. A microchip works as your pet’s only permanent form of ID, and the way you manage this vital […]

PetChain a Blockchain for Pets.

Unfortunately, a blockchain for pets is totally unrealistic. Back in June of 2020, a few of us at Peeva took part in the annual “Animal Welfare and Tech Leadership Summit” organized by Best Friends Animal Society, a ‘not for profit’ Animal Welfare Organization that, according to their website, is A. focused on stopping the killing […]

Automated Pet Owner Verification

GO ahead. Register that stolen pet with Peeva. See what happens. Today, we had an interesting use case where we reunited a pet that was missing for over a year by not allowing a registration to go through.  We recently scaled our platform to accommodate online registrations, but before going live, an automated system of Checks […]

HomeAgain; A Brief Study on the Company’s Technology

Peeva is a revolutionary pet microchip scanner and central pet registry that can read any type of microchip, including Homegain, Intervet, Destron Fearing, Digital Angel, All Flex USA, ICAR, Bluetooth, USB and Syringe Size. Not only that but it also provides information about the composition of these microchips and their shelf life for optimized pet healthcare. Learn more about Peeva today to see how it can help provide your pets with longevity and peace of mind.

Universal Pet Microchip Scanners

For those of you that want to geek out for a minute, we would like to provide you with information on universal scanners. Of all the identified scanners in the market today, Avid’s patented universal readers, Home Again Universal scanner and Omni Max scanner by Datamars are the competitions for Peeva’s Universal Scanner currently being […]

Dogs eye view app

What the world really looks like from a dog’s eye view. If you’ve ever wondered how your dog sees the world, I came across a really cool app today while dorking around on petlovergeek that does that for you.  Do dogs really see things only in black and white? No, but they are color blind. Being color […]