Lost pets come home with Peeva.

Automated Pet Owner Verification

GO ahead. Register that stolen pet with Peeva. See what happens.

Today, we had an interesting use case where we reunited a pet that was missing for over a year by not allowing a registration to go through. 

We recently scaled our platform to accommodate online registrations, but before going live, an automated system of Checks and Balances was architected as to not be aiding and abetting in pet theft. We would hate the idea of anyone attempting to use Peeva as a vehicle to claim ownership over a stolen pet by allowing them to register the pet into our system as their own.

Any pet that is already registered in our system cannot be registered a second time. We have developed tools that automatically sift through every microchip ID that is already recorded in our system.

This goes both ways. Last week, we had a total opposite use case where the rightful pet owner never registered her dog’s microchip as she assumed the breeder where she had gotten him from when he was a puppy had registered the microchip already. The dog now 3 had the tag (that came from the breeder) on his collar. The person that stole her puppy then registered the microchip ID with another microchip registry. When the original owner then attempted to register her recently stolen pet with Peeva, she was obviously unable to present a change of ownership form. She was, however, able to show other forms of ownership such as numerous pictures she had of herself with her dog at various stages over the past 3 years.

Those that register a microchip with our service online are also required to select the brand of microchip they are registering. If they don’t know the brand of microchip they can select “other” or “unknown”.  

Peeva sends an automated alert to the internal Peeva admin dashboard if there is any reason to suspect a chip ID is registered with any of our competitors. 

The microchip ID is then manually investigated based on the brand selected. Neverthless, nobody really seems to know this, so if the chip is selected as “other”  or “unknown”, we pair the first 3 digits of the chip ID with the brand the chip may belong to and / or the manufacturer it may have come from.  Please see our Peeva Update Microchip Guide here.  Other red flags such as the pet’s age, and breed type are also taken into account. A Peeva pet reunification specialist then investigates manually by contacting our competitiors that have been receptive. We then in good faith hope our competitor contacts the appropriate owner if there is one. 

We then make the judgement call based on the information provided (or lack there of) to only let the registration with our system proceed if a change of ownership form is provided. If a change of ownership form is not provided, no tickie no laundry.

Today, a Peeva pet reunification specialist was able to follow the timeline as the pet was already in our system. She was also able to view the pet’s complete medical history. She then called the pet’s rightful owner and we were happy to share the information provided by the person that attempted to register the pet in our system with the appropriate authorties and the pet was reunited. 

So why are so many people registering their pets with Peeva?

Any Pet owner that registers their pet’s microchip in our system albeit at the vet (all Peeva microchips are registered onsite) or online is instantly notified at the exact second their pet’s microchip is scanned with the exact location details including the name of the practice or shelter, phone number, and location on a map at the exact second their pet is scanned. Peeva is the only company that does this.

Peeva Fetch is a National Registry and Pet Medical Records Portal with a Critical Mass of Data

With every hospital we onboard, we register every pet that already has a microchip of another brand that is an existing patient. The pet owner simply confirms their account.  They can also upload their pet’s picture and additional details. We never charge an added fee to update information. All pet records are synced in real time. It’s really cool stuff.

Why are veterinary professionals using Peeva?

Any veterinary professional or shelter in our national network can scan any pet that is registered in our system that is seen at any veterinary partner location in our network to evoke their complete medical history. This ensures microchips are scanned and read because it saves them time by making the transfer of vital health information quick and easy. 

Veterinary professionals can spend less time diagnosing, faxing or making phone calls to other veterinary practices and more time giving pets the time and attention that they deserve. By having a critical mass of registrations and medical records data we are making microchip scanning the standard for all veterinary professionals by default.

Peeva is also great source of new revenue for our vet partners as any responsible pet owner will want to be ensured that their pet’s microchips will be read and they will be quickly reunited with their pet in the event they should ever go missing.

Peeva: Where Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

Transform your pet’s microchip into a lifeline. 24/7 phone support and lost pet alerts ensure your pet gets the help they need, when they need it.

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