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If you’re in East Texas and grappling with the distressing experience of a lost or found pet, our specialized database is here to support you.

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The diverse landscape of East Texas, from dense pine forests to sprawling plains, can be both a haven and a challenge for pets. Awareness of local wildlife such as deer, coyotes, and armadillos is crucial as they can often lead curious pets astray, particularly in rural areas and near natural reserves. Our database includes key locations throughout East Texas, like Tyler, Longview, and Nacogdoches. We ensure that each listing is detailed with specific location information, making it easier for residents to track lost or found pets in their immediate area.

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Microchipping as a Preventative Measure:

In regions as vast as East Texas, microchipping your pet becomes even more vital. Peeva’s microchips offer a reliable way to store identification details, significantly aiding in the recovery of lost pets. When registered with Peeva, these microchips can trigger instant alerts to a broad network, including local shelters and pet owners. The strength of East Texas communities lies in their solidarity. By keeping an eye out and reporting sightings on our platform, you can play a critical role in reuniting pets with their families.

Proactive Steps for Lost and Found Pets:

In case your pet goes missing, promptly post on our database with a clear description and last seen location. Contacting local animal shelters and veterinary clinics can also be a helpful step. For residents of East Texas dealing with lost or found pets, there are specific local resources that can be invaluable: Tyler Residents: City of Tyler Animal Control is a crucial point of contact. They can be reached at (903) 535-0045 for assistance in cases of lost or found pets, offering services and guidance specific to the Tyler area. Smith County Residents: Smith County Animal Control is another key resource, available at (903) 566-6600. They provide support for lost or found pets and can help with information and recovery efforts in the Smith County region. Our aim is to create a strong support network within East Texas, streamlining the process of locating lost pets. Through community collaboration, utilizing tools like Peeva’s microchip technology, our lost pet database, and taking timely action, we can increase the chances of reuniting pets with their owners.

Taking comprehensive steps to reunite a lost pet in East Texas can significantly increase the chances of a successful reunion:
Expand Your Search: It’s essential to notify as many local entities as possible. This includes veterinary clinics, pet stores, and grooming salons. A wider net means a higher chance of someone recognizing your pet. 

Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms: Post clear, recent photos and detailed descriptions of your lost pet on local social media groups and pet recovery websites. Include any distinguishing features and the last known location.

Create and Distribute Flyers: Flyers are still an effective way to spread the word. Distribute them in your neighborhood, at local businesses, community centers, and public bulletin boards.

Check Local Shelters Regularly: Visit local animal shelters and rescues personally, as sometimes descriptions don’t match exactly, and your physical presence might make a difference.

Engage the Community: Don’t hesitate to talk to neighbors, mail carriers, and delivery people. They move around a lot and might have seen your pet.

Update Your Pet’s Microchip Information: If your pet is microchipped with Peeva or another service, ensure the contact information is current. Microchips greatly increase the chance of pets being returned when found.

Stay Positive and Persistent: The search might take time, so it’s important to stay positive and keep looking. Persistence often pays off in these situations.

Remember, each step you take broadens the possibility of finding your pet. Combining these efforts with local resources can provide a comprehensive approach to locating your lost companion.

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