Missing Cat “Bruce Wayne” in Las Vegas

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Hello! I hope you can help me 💙

My baby boy is missing! I’m so distraught! I adopted him with the intention of seeing him live his best LONG life. I miss my son! 😞😓😣😭

He goes by Bruce Wayne! Has green eyes & is wearing a BLUE reflector collar.
He will SPRINT to you at the sound of a can being popped open, so basically he is a wet food connoisseur. He loves those“kitty go-gurts” aka Churus!


He’s well fed, gets daily vitamins, has a filtered water fountain, endless treats, multiple scratching posts, a yearly dreaded vet visit, & a millennial who spends her money on kitty costumes/ toys, though he prefers the box it came in (I will never nor want to learn my lesson.)
Bruce Wayne has trained me to only rent apartments with balconies. Why? the king HAS to sunbathe of course! For all the emotional labor he’s gotten through my phases in life…he must be spoiled for as many years he blesses me with….some call it love..or toxic. Idk..Can you blame me? HE’S ADORABLE!😭😓
He needs to come home, I feel empty & numb.

I’m on:
Ring Neighbor

I have left litter, food, his favorite bed in the garage with it slightly open enough for a cat to slip through.

Contact Peeva833.733.8226 or support@peeva.co


Maya Robinson

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