Lost pets come home with Peeva.

Central Pet Microchip Registry Database

Critical Mass

Peeva is a data solution and the most effective end to end pet recovery solution.

Central Pet Registry

The missing pet problem is ultimately a data problem and to resolve the data problem a critical mass of data is required.

We marry large and disparate data sets together in one cloud centralized database then universally display it in an interface that’s easy to use.

By aligning with industry leaders in the veterinary space that include veterinary hospitals and clinics, pet insurance providers, and large scale data organizations, Peeva is scaling quickly with a critical mass of pet owner data, pet microchip registrations, and electronic medical records.

With every hospital we onboard, we pair thousands of pet microchip identification numbers with their own medical records into Peeva Fetch our Central Pet Recovery Database and Electronic Medical Records Pet Portal. (Peeva Fetch is a secure and permissions-based PIMS-integrated solution where Pet Microchip Identification Numbers are paired with their own Pet Medical Records in one Centralized Database).

By pairing large data sets of microchip identifications from multiple EHR / EMR software systems, Peeva is able to circumvent the issue of microchip registrations not being shared among competing microchip companies.

Veterinary professionals and shelter workers in our network no longer need to write microchip identification numbers down to then search through multiple registries until a match is found. There is no need to make a single telephone call.

Better Care

In addition to RFID, saving and storing records allows veterinarians instant access to vital health information so they can spend less time diagnosing and more time treating with the confidence in knowing they are administering the necessary medications in times of emergency while Peeva instantly locates the pet’s rightful owner.

By simply scanning a microchip, veterinary professionals can access the complete medical and ownership history of any pet that is registered in our system while instantly notifying the pet owner with the precise location details.

Peeva is the first and only company to read, record, analyze and catalog all brands of pet microchips including Home Again ®, AVID™ AKC CAR/EID™, Digital Angel®, ResQ®, ALLFLEX®, Schering Plough™, 24 PET WATCH™, Lifechip®, Banfield®, Crystal Tag™, Datamars™ & Destron Fearing™

Ultimate Protection for Your Pet

Maximize the utility of your pet’s microchip with Peeva. Our 24/7 phone support lost pet alerts, and medical records ensure your pet is found faster.

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