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Microchip Myths; Microchip Pets, Not Humans

Will a microchip ever be implanted into a human?

There is absolutely no point in ever implanting a human with a microchip because humans have finger prints. There is nothing that can be accomplished with a microchip that can not be accomplished already with biometric fingerprint scanning technology. Pets, however, do not have fingerprints so microchips serve as the only permanent form of identification for them. This is why having a microchip implant is absolutely necessary for pets and unnecessary for humans.

Are Microchips GPS devices?

No. GPS is much too large to be implanted in any living thing at this time. It also relies on an external power source, which means it can only be attached to a collar. Collars can fall off or be taken off.

Isn’t there a company that has a GPS microchip?

No. That was a company called escape alert. It was a fraud. You can read more about that here.

There is also another company called three square market. Also a fraud. You can read more about that here.

Are microchips government tracking devices?

No. A microchip is a small RFID implant with a code that is read when a scanner is waved over it. They store a unique code that can only be read within a few inches range. Microchips themselves do not store any information other than that.

Can microchips cause cancer or disease?

No. Millions of pets have microchips. Out of all of them, there was one incident reported several years ago where a pet owner claimed her pet’s microchip gave her pet cancer, but it was only a coincidence. Sadly, pets can get diseases, but there are no diseases caused by microchips.

Should I be concerned about my privacy if I have my pet microchipped?

The short answer to that is no, the information you provide to the manufacturer’s microchip registry is the only way you can be contacted if someone finds your pet. The only way to gain access to that information is from the company your chip is registered with. Once a number is detected- whoever detected the unique identifier of your chip- a phone call should be placed to that company’s customer service line and that company will notify you. When registering with Peeva, you will be instantly notified whenever and wherever your chip was scanned within minutes.

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