Lost pets come home with Peeva.

Syringe Instructions

Step 1

Scan the animal to find out if it already has a microchip. If it does, look up the microchip number at aaha.org/petmicrochiplookup. or call Peeva Support at 833.PEEVA.CO/ 833.733.8226.

Step 2

Scan the syringe in the package.

Step 3

Confirm the ID number of the microchip matches the barcode label.

Step 4

Locate the injection site (for cats and dogs it is between the shoulder blades) and tent the skin. At the base of the tented skin, point the needle toward the head, and hold the syringe with the bevel angle of the needle facing up. Then completely insert the needle subcutaneously at a slight angle and then depress the blue plunger using a steady motion. As you withdraw the needle, release the skin tent and gently but firmly pinch the skin around the needle. Apply digital pressure to the entry site for ten seconds or longer.

Step 5

Check the implantation site to make sure the microchip transponder has been fully inserted and then scan the implantation site to ensure the microchip is working correctly. It is helpful to keep pet calm for 24 hours after microchip implantation.

Step 6

VERY IMPORTANT! Make sure the microchip is enrolled to the pet owner. Enroll here or mail or sign in to your Peeva Partner Site.

Ultimate Protection for Your Pet

Maximize the utility of your pet’s microchip with Peeva. Our 24/7 phone support lost pet alerts, and medical records ensure your pet is found faster.

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