Top Microchip Companies: Find the Best for Your Pet

Need the right microchip solution? Check out our comprehensive list of top companies and learn how Peeva stands out in the crowd for pet safety.
Microchip Company Lost Pet Alerts 24/7 Support Works with all scanners Pet Owner Verification Linked to Health Records
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
AVID No Yes No No No
AKC CAR No Yes Yes No Yes
Digital Angel No No No No No
Home Again No Yes Yes No No
ResQ No No No No No
Schering Plough No No No No No
24 PET WATCH No Yes No No No
Lifechip No No No No No
Banfield Trupaws No No No No No
Crystal Tag No No No No No
Datamars No No No No No
Trovan No No No No No
Destron Fearing No No No No No
PetLink No Yes No No No
Chip Furkeeps No No No No No
BuddyID No No No No No
Free Pet Chip Registry No No No No No
Fi Nano No No No No No
Pet Key No Yes No No No
Furreka No No No No No
Nanochip ID No No No No No
SmartTag No No No No No
Identrac No No No No No
anicaresystem No No No No No
Fetch-id No No No No No
marrs microchip No No No No No
identipet No No No No No
Microchip4Solutions No No No No No
Homeward Bound Pet No No No No No
Animal Tag No No No No No
Pets Home Today No No No No No

What is a Microchip Company

Ever wondered what keeps pets safe when they wander a bit too far from home? That’s where microchip companies come into play! Microchip companies create tiny gadgets called microchips that vets and pet care professionals insert under your pet’s skin—super sci-fi, right? But here’s the crucial part: a microchip is only as good as the pet recovery service it’s linked to. 

These services offer a database, or “registry,” where you register your pet’s chip. You pay a small fee, but it’s a big deal because it connects your pet back to you if they ever get lost. Imagine it like a safety net, ensuring your furry friend can always find their way back to your couch. And remember, not all registries are created equal. Some are all flash but no substance, disappearing as quickly as they pop up, leaving pet owners and care pros in a bind. At Peeva, we not only provide top-notch microchips but also work hand-in-hand with the best registries known for bringing lost pets home. We’re here to make sure your pet’s microchip does exactly what it’s supposed to do—keep your beloved buddy safe.

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What is the difference between a microchip company and a registry?​

So, you’ve got microchip companies and you’ve got registries—what’s the deal? Think of a microchip company as the tech wizard. They create the actual microchips that go inside your pet to make sure if they ever scoot out the door without a goodbye. They can still be identified. Now, flip to a registry, which is like the big database boss. When your pet’s microchip is implanted, it doesn’t automatically store your info. That’s where a registry kicks in. You need to register your pet’s microchip with a registry so that if your pet decides to go on an unexpected adventure, any pet care professional who finds them can scan the chip, look it up in the registry, and bam—your contact details pop up.

The real kicker? Not all microchip companies run their own registries. Some just make the chips and let other pros handle the data part. And, oh boy, quality matters here because some registries are top-notch with super support teams, while others might not be as reliable, leaving you and your furry friend in a bit of a pickle. At Peeva, we ensure that the microchips we provide are backed by a trustworthy, efficient registry—that’s our promise to keep you and your pet connected.

How Do Pet Recovery Services Work?​

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your pet went missing? Those are the moments when pet recovery services really shine! They make sure that your pet can find their way back to you if it ends up in an unknown place. The lowdown: When a pet with a microchip is found, a veterinarian scans it to retrieve its ID number. The number links to the microchip registry where your pet is registered. Now is the time for pet recovery to take the lead.

These services operate 24/7 with a team of dedicated professionals ready to help whenever needed. They access their database after receiving your pet’s microchip number to locate your contact information. You will then be contacted to reunite with your pet. The difference between a fast reunion and a prolonged search depends on how efficient the pet recovery company is. This is why it’s so crucial to choose a service that not only registers the microchip, but also backs it up with a comprehensive database and a solid team.

We at Peeva believe that efficient pet recovery services are a key component to pet safety. Our team works closely with organizations that are proven time and again to bring pets home safely. With us, you don’t just get a microchip; you also get peace of mind knowing that a network of professionals is on hand to help you find your lost pet.

Choosing the Best Microchip Company: Features That Set Peeva Apart

Deciding on the right microchip company is a big deal—it’s all about ensuring your dogs can always find their way back to you. You want a company that not only provides top-notch technology but also supports you and your pet every step of the way. It’s important to pick a provider that blends reliability, comprehensive pet recovery services, and stellar customer support. For your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, consider these factors when choosing a pet carrier.

Peeva: Where Lost Pets Find Their Way Home

Transform your pet’s microchip into a lifeline. 24/7 phone support and lost pet alerts ensure your pet gets the help they need, when they need it.

Ultimate Protection for Your Pet

Maximize the utility of your pet’s microchip with Peeva. Our 24/7 phone support lost pet alerts, and medical records ensure your pet is found faster.

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