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Problem with 900 Microchips and the Solution

900 Microchips

What is the problem with these ‘900’ microchips?

There are many legitimate concerns about a type of ISO chip that begins with the prefix of numbers 900 as pet microchips beginning with 900 are difficult to track back to the original manufacturer or distributor of the microchip. By 900, we are referring to 900 not 956 (Trovan) which in the States is trackable to AKC Reunite, not 985 which is trackable to Home Again, and not a 991 chip which is tracked back to Peeva. Well actually, many of them are Peeva Chips. For an updated pet microchip guide please click here.

We tested these chips and found that they do in fact work and they are indeed universal which means they are ISO 134.2 kHz chips that can indeed be read by Universal Scanners offered by Home Again, Datamars, Bayer Res Q, and the Peeva prototype scanners that have yet to be commercially manufactured. Each is packaged with a disposable syringe (all in one medical-grade, extra-sharp, double bevel needle syringe for easy insertion) a parylene coating microchip, 6 one-dimensional bar code labels.

For these reasons (coupled with the global pandemic) in June of 2020, Peeva was unable to import our preferred chips that begin with the prefix 991 and purchased hundreds of thousands of them to accommodate a National Animal Welfare Organization at no cost and rebranded them as ARF ID. Nevertheless, they have proven to be an absolute disaster.

The Problem

Due to the quantity of these chips, low cost, and availability multiple microchip companies have purchased these chips in bulk quantities, not to the extent that we did, but there are many of them out there that also white-labeled them as their own making them impossible to track back to any specific manufacturer or distributor. These chips are also available for purchase in small quantities for any breeder, shelter, or veterinary clinic thanks to Amazon. There are a handful of importers of these chips that like their actual manufacturer do not have a registry and sell them to uninformed shelters and breeders that mark up the cost and fail to tell the pet owner to register them or clearly misinform them by telling them to register with free registries that sell the data off and fail to provide any means of facilitating the return of a found animal let alone having a telephone number listed anywhere on their website.

Due to the difficulty in tracking the shared 900 code to its overseas and/or out-of-reach manufacturer, it most certainly needs to be registered in a database that is actively searched so the pet owner can be quickly contacted.

Many vendors of 900 shared code chips acknowledge that they cannot track the chips they sell. Most, not all, of these vendors do not participate in the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup. Many breeders, shelters, and veterinary professionals alike are simply not aware of this debacle.


Peeva, Inc. (our position): Pet owners that entrust those that have implanted a microchip in their pet are under the impression that the microchip will be traceable.

There is a clear responsibility that comes with the manufacturing and sale of microchips for animals. Microchips should always be trackable to a source company or vendor. Contact information should be available. A real-time, live Call Center is mandatory. In response to this, we are offering all pet owners the opportunity to register these chips with our national registry for $40.00 USD for the entire lifetime of the pet. Like all microchips that are registered in our central registry, the pet owner will be instantly notified with the exact location details of wherever their pet is scanned from including the name of the organization that scanned the chip, their physical address, telephone number, and location on a map… at the exact second their pet is scanned.

Peeva also participates with the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup Tool to ensure all pets that are registered with Peeva can be located by any veterinary professional, shelter, or rescue organization that has yet to join our national network. Due to the high volume of calls, we receive daily from shelters, rescues, and veterinary practices throughout all 50 states and 12 Canadian provinces that are looking to obtain distribution information on 900 chips that have gone unregistered, our support reps are no longer permitted nor do they have access to any distribution information for any microchips we have distributed that have gone unregistered.

Register your microchip here!

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