Career opportunities; the ones that knock.

We are a technology company committed to resolving the missing pet problem with innovative tools and processes that streamline veterinarian and shelter workflow.  Our overall mission is to save millions of missing pets and bring them home to their families. We CAN resolve this issue with our hardware alone, but it’s not a simple fix. It’s also a problem of disintegrated data in a fragmented industry that all needs to be pulled together. We have developed technologies that pair millions of pet microchip records and marry them with pet medical records in a central cloud data base and central registry. The ability to evoke medical records simply by scanning a pet’s microchip ensures implementation as it streamlines internal efficiencies and eliminates internal redundancies- which in turn reduces costs, saves time, and frees up hours during the day for veterinarians to give pet’s the time and attention they deserve. 

We follow an extremely lean business model; however, people are the most important asset to any successful company without question and that is why we are seeking the BEST talent and rewarding it with opportunity accordingly. Creating a work environment that is open to ideas, creative solutions, and point counter point discussions before going forward with the best course of action is contingent on mutual respect. The way we work together is centered around our core values of collaborating, communicating, exceeding expectations (even our own), being humble, and having fun while we do it! You can’t create that environment without cool people. The goal is to enjoy ourselves, give back, and work (and play) hard together. If this sounds like the place for you, check out the details of the following positions we are looking to fill…. NOW!  

Perhaps we can find something for you inline with your own interests.

Peeva participates in e-verify.

DATE              Position  Type                                                                       STATUS               LOCATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

2/15/2019 Customer Service and Technical Support Rep. Filled BUFFALO, NY

1/28/2019 Systems Engineer                                                                        Filled                 BUFFALO, NY

1/28/2019 Systems Engineer                                                                        Filled                 BUFFALO, NY

1/28/2019 Software Development intern                                                      Filled                 BUFFALO, NY

1/28/2019 Software Development intern                                                      Filled                  BUFFALO, NY 

1/28/2019 Software Development intern                                                      Filled                  BUFFALO, NY                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

4/15/2018 Embedded Systems Development Intern                                    Filled                  BUFFALO, NY

4/25/2018  Electrical Engineering intern (embedded systems)                 Filled                  BUFFALO, NY