If scanner can read a microchip, the microchip ID needs to be written down and multiple websites need to be visited until a match is found. Then that registry needs to be called. Calls are often placed on hold with very long wait times. Veterinarians do not have the time staff or resources to accommodate for the overall process. This has led to a lack of scanning altogether. Peeva can resolve this issue with our hardware and instant notification system all alone, but there needs to be an incentive for using our hardware.

By pairing large data sets acquired via multiple EHR / EMR software systems and universally displaying this data in a simple intuitive database, Peeva streamlines workflow by making the transfer of information quick and easy. Any veterinarian in our network can pull up a pets complete medical history by scanning a microchip while instantly notifying the pet’s rightful owner with the exact location.

By partnering with leading organizations in the animal health and technology space, high volume veterinary hospitals, Peeva is building a network with a critical mass of data where the individual pet owner is involved to opt in every step along the way.

Peeva pairs pet identification numbers with pet medical records into Peeva Fetch, our central registry / national pet database and pet medical records pet portal.

Pet owners have access to their own pet’s updated medical record at all times.

The ability to track not only information but also data relationships is invaluable for Veterinary care, and intelligence. Currently, the creation and flow of new and existing information overwhelm databases, due to the lack of uniformity and efficiency. With the ever-growing amount of data and the need to extract useful information, a new system of data organization is needed.

Our innovative platform for the veterinarian field stores, tracks, and retries data by implementing logical relationships between entities of data using proprietary referent tracking. Our system dramatically increases efficiency and reduced errors which by design will prove to be particularly useful in coordinating data entered at multiple sites. It works well with various on and offline content management systems and like other SaaS and subscription fee services it will be easily accessible with a web browser or mobile device. It also requires no additional software, no on-site installation and no waiting.

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