While Canada and the EU regulate pet ownership, the United States lacks such regulations, limiting the potential of RFID and microchip technology. Efforts have been ongoing for nearly two decades to establish an ISO standard for pet identification in the United States.

Numerous microchip companies, scanners, and radio frequencies, coupled with disparate registration databases, result in a lack of scanning consistency due to the absence of standardization. The Animal Welfare Act does not empower USDA-APHIS to regulate private pet ownership or mandate a national standard for microchips and scanners. Despite various attempts and initiatives over the past 13 years, none have succeeded. Peeva, however, has devised a successful workaround for this challenge.

Absolutely. Registering your pet’s microchip with Peeva provides the best chance of reuniting with your pet if they are ever lost or stolen. Peeva stands out as the most actively searched pet microchip registry globally. Upon scanning, Peeva instantly notifies you via email, text, or the Peeva app, providing the precise location where your pet was scanned within our extensive network. Additionally, Peeva shares its data with the AAHA Pet Microchip Lookup tool, adding an extra layer of protection to ensure direct contact if your pet is scanned by individuals or entities outside our network.

No. If the microchip is already registered with another company before Peeva registration and ownership details differ, we will alert the other company. We will collaborate with them to ensure the rightful owner is notified and work together to facilitate the safe return of the pet to its rightful owner.

The AAHA universal pet microchip lookup tool mandates registration with the primary registry associated with the brand of the implanted microchip. However, this tool doesn’t provide the pet owner’s contact details; instead, it reveals the name of the primary registry the microchip is registered with, necessitating a separate call to that registry.
Notably, the lookup tool lacks data aggregation from the diverse registries of competing microchip companies, a challenge Peeva is actively addressing.

Our dedicated team operates around the clock from our lost pet recovery center, working tirelessly to swiftly reunite pets with their families. Ensure your pet’s microchip registration with AAHA Universal Microchip Lookup Tool for effective tracking. With years of experience, we understand the urgency of lost pets, utilizing advanced technology and providing 24/7 live phone support for rapid reunions. Your registration fee supports our ongoing efforts to offer top-notch support and technology for your pet’s safety. Beware of free online central registries, as they may exacerbate the issue by allowing anyone to register a microchip ID without proof of ownership. These platforms often function as data collection devices, potentially sold for marketing and spam purposes. Choose a reliable and secure registration for your pet’s well-being.

Peeva Fetch is our central pet microchip registry and pet medical records portal.

Integrating pet microchip IDs with medical records in a centralized registry and pet portal offers several advantages for veterinary professionals when using our universal scanner. This streamlined process saves time, cuts down on redundant costs, and optimizes workflow. Pet owners can be confident that their pet’s microchip will be scanned and read if their pet is ever lost.

Features include:

  • Lab history and due dates
  • Appointment requests
  • Access to veterinarian-recommended Pet Care Guides
  • Photo uploads of pets
  • Medication refill requests

Certainly. Peeva seamlessly integrates with established veterinary systems, including:

  • Avimark
  • IDEXX Cornerstone Practice Management
  • ClientTrax
  • eVetPractice
  • ImproMed
  • And more.

Yes, Peeva is a North American central pet microchip registry where any brand of microchip can be enrolled.

You can search the AAHA Microchip Registry Lookup. You may also want to call the registry to ensure you get through to a live rep right away. If you don’t, you may want to consider enrolling your pet with Peeva where our dedicated team is available around-the-clock to support you.

A reputable pet recovery service supplies microchips to veterinary clinics, shelters, and rescue organizations nationwide. They offer a comprehensive database with a nominal fee covering essential services, including crucial telephone support for prompt pet retrieval. If a registry lacks microchip distribution and necessary support, steer clear, as these may be scams or free services designed solely to compile marketing lists for sale to data brokers. With the increasing significance of online consumer data, these brokers, marketing firms, and retailers pay considerable sums for such information. Importantly, free registries often lack genuine pet recovery services.

It’s not possible. Free microchip registries are fraudulent schemes designed solely to gather email lists, which are then sold to online pet supply retailers.

Visit any veterinary clinic to have your pet scanned for a microchip, checking if one is present and readable. Note that your pet’s microchip may not be an ISO-standard one, limiting universal readability. If you’re certain your pet has an unread chip, consider implanting a second ISO chip, ensuring both are registered. Keep in mind that a scanner reads the first microchip detected, and simultaneous reading of two microchips is not possible. Since very few pets have two microchips, an unregistered chip will be assumed as the only one if detected first.

When a microchip is scanned, the chip’s number must be recorded, and various registry websites need to be checked until a match is identified. In response to this challenge, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) created the Pet Microchip Lookup Tool. This tool streamlines the process for busy pet care professionals by conducting simultaneous searches across multiple registries, saving them valuable time.

The AAHA pet microchip lookup tool doesn’t maintain its own database; instead, it functions as a search engine. It searches participating primary registries associated with the brand of the microchip implanted in the pet. Notably, the lookup tool doesn’t reveal the pet owner’s contact information. Instead, it provides the name of the primary registry the microchip is registered with, necessitating a subsequent call to that specific registry.

Pet care professionals can use the AAHA lookup tool to search multiple registries with a microchip ID. If the ID is registered, the tool displays the logo and telephone number of the participating Pet Recovery Service Provider. Despite its benefits, the tool aims to increase participation from various registries, unintentionally exacerbating the problem it aims to solve. Many participating registries prioritize legitimacy without providing essential telephone support for effective microchip use. Operating hours and support teams are lacking, resulting in long hold times and frustrating messaging loops, discouraging scanning for microchips. Veterinary professionals, facing time and resource constraints, often find it easier to assume the person bringing in the animal is the owner, leading to a general neglect of microchip scanning.

A microchip will only work if it’s registered to the pet owner directly in a database offered by a legitimate pet recovery service that is actively searched. That registry will also need to provide a more than adequate telephone support team that can be available to answer calls that come inbound at all times of the day 24/7/365 to facilitate the prompt return of your animal safely and as quickly as possible. This could literally mean the difference between life and death depending on the shelter where your pet turns up.

Every microchip company would like to have a central registry, but Peeva Fetch (our central pet recovery database) has a critical mass of pet registrations of other brands as we auto enroll thousands of chip IDs with every hospital we onboard.

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