Yes. Peeva works well with all PIMS and is a further extension to those services. Our system works with any microchip scanner that can connect to a desktop via Bluetooth or USB port. We are developing our own scanners that can read every microchip, including the encrypted chips.

Providing veterinary professionals with the ability to pull up a pet’s complete medical history by scanning a microchip makes a veterinary professionals job easier as it streamlines workflow by making the transfer of vital health information quick and easy. This ensures pet owners that their pet’s microchips will be scanned and read.

They should and microchip scanning should be the standard operating procedure, but there is no federal or state regulation of microchip standards in the U.S., and different manufacturers are able to produce and patent different microchip technologies with different frequencies. Because of market competition, animal shelters and veterinary clinics are able to choose from several microchip manufacturers and scanners. Microchip scanners are expensive, and it is often cost-prohibitive to purchase several types of microchip scanners.

No. Peeva is the only Universal scanner, however, scanners offered by Home Again and Datamars have a sensitivity rate of about 98%.

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