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Has your beloved pup gone missing near Roeding Park, or did your curious cat wander off somewhere in Tower District? Don’t panic! Peeva’s Lost Pet Database is here to help reunite Fresno’s lost pets with their families. This free and user-friendly platform connects you with the Fresno community to bring missing furry companions home quickly, whether it’s a playful Golden Retriever roaming the trails of Woodward Park or a sleek Siamese lost in the Fig Garden neighborhood.

Found a lost dog or cat wandering the streets of Downtown Fresno, but unsure who their owner is? You can also be a hero by submitting their details and pictures on our easy-to-use database. The more information you provide, including breed, markings, and any collar tags, the faster a lost pet can be reunited with their loving family.


Don't Let Them Get Lost: Microchipping & Prevention in Fresno

While Peeva’s Lost Pet Database is a valuable tool for reuniting lost pets, the best defense against a heartbreaking separation is prevention. Here’s how Fresno pet owners can take proactive steps to keep their furry friends safe:

Microchip Your Pet: This simple and permanent solution involves implanting a tiny chip between your pet’s shoulder blades. This chip holds a unique ID that can be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter in Fresno, including Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS).  Even if your pet’s collar or tags fall off during their adventure, a microchip ensures they can be quickly identified and returned to you, no matter if they end up in Clovis or exploring the Sellwood area.

Secure Your Yard:  Make sure your fence is in good repair and gates are always properly latched.  For curious cats, consider creating a secure outdoor enclosure (catio) so they can enjoy the fresh air without the risk of escape.

ID Tags and Collars:  Always equip your pet with a well-fitting collar and a current ID tag that includes your contact information.  Consider adding a rabies tag as well. Ensure your pet wears their collar at all times, even indoors.

By taking these steps, you can significantly reduce the chances of your pet getting lost in Fresno and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve done everything you can to keep them safe.

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Microchipping for Swift Recovery

In these instances, a microchip is invaluable. Peeva’s microchips not only store essential information for identification but also, when registered with Peeva, enable us to send instant lost pet alerts to our extensive network of partners, including local shelters and pet owners. 

Community Engagement

We encourage Brevard County residents to collaborate. By monitoring your area and reporting sightings on our platform, you contribute significantly to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Immediate Action Steps

If your pet is lost, post on our database with a clear description and the last known location. Also, check with local shelters and inform nearby veterinarians.

Let's Make a Difference

Our aim is to foster a supportive community network in Brevard County, streamlining the process of finding lost pets. Quick action, combined with local support and resources like Peeva's microchip registration, can significantly increase the likelihood of a joyful reunion.

Expand Your Search: Local Fresno Shelters and Resources

While Peeva’s Lost Pet Database is a fantastic resource, here are some additional options in Fresno to maximize your chances of finding a lost pet or reuniting a found one with its owner:

Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS): This local shelter maintains a lost and found pet database and can be reached at (559) 233-7722. They work tirelessly to reunite lost pets with their families and offer microchipping services for your furry friend.

Check Nearby Shelters: Consider contacting additional shelters in your area, such as the Fresno Bully Rescue or Kitty Rescue League (if applicable), in case the lost pet ended up there. These shelters often have their own lost and found resources as well.

Utilize Social Media: Don’t forget the power of social media! Share information about your lost pet on local Fresno Facebook groups or neighborhood forums to widen the search.

Proactive Pet Care Tips for Fresno

Reuniting a lost pet is fantastic, but prevention is always better! Here are some proactive tips to keep your furry friend safe and sound in Fresno:

Keep Identification Tags Updated: Ensure your pet’s collar has a well-fitting ID tag with your current contact information, including phone number and address. Double-check this information regularly to ensure it’s accurate.

License Your Pet: Fresno requires all dogs over four months old to be licensed. A pet license serves as additional identification and can expedite the return process if your pet is found by animal control. Licenses can be obtained at Fresno Humane Animal Services (FHAS) or online.

Harness Training: Consider using a harness alongside a collar, especially for smaller dogs or anxious pets who might slip out of a traditional collar. Harnesses provide additional security and control during walks or outdoor adventures.

By following these simple tips and utilizing the resources available in Fresno, you can significantly reduce the risk of your pet getting lost and enjoy peace of mind knowing you’ve taken steps to keep them safe.

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