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FDX-B or ISO Microchips

  •  All ISO-compliant microchips contain 15 numbers only, no letters

  •  The first 3 digits of the code signify the manufacturer’s identifier,

    usually beginning with the number 9

  •  If the first digit of the code begins with a number other than 9, it represents
    the country code of the microchip. This indicates that the pet was microchipped abroad. If you do not recognize the code, you can contact AAHA for assistance.

• US Manufacturer Codes for ISO Microchips:

  •  981 Datamars

    · 98102 = Microfindr, Datamars, Bayer resQ, Found Animals, Crystal Tag

    · 98101 = Banfield

  •  956 Trovan, Ltd. (AKC/CAR)

  •  977 AVID

  •  982 Allflex (24PetWatch)

  •  985 Destron Fearing/Digital Angel (HomeAgain)


FDX-A or Non-ISO Microchips

• Can be made up of 9-digit numeric (numbers only) or 10-digit alphanumeric (letters and numbers) codes

• AVID non-ISO Microchips:
· 9-digit, numeric codes are sometimes displayed with an asterisk (*) every third character
· 10-digit, alphanumeric codes usually begin with the number 1 and end with the letter A and contain no other letters

• 24PetWatch (Allflex) non-ISO Microchips contain 10-digit alphanumeric codes, usually beginning with 0A (zero A); some scanners will insert “FDX-A” before the code

• HomeAgain (Destron Fearing/Digital Angel) non-ISO Microchips usually contain a 10-digit, alphanumeric code

• AKC/CAR (Trovan) non-ISO microchips usually begin with two or more O’s followed by any combination of numbers and letters A-F

Registration databases

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