Genesee County Lost & Found Pets: Reunite Faster

Whether you’re searching for your lost canine companion in Flint, Grand Blanc, Fenton, or any other corner of Genesee County, Peeva’s lost and found pet database is here to help! Our user-friendly platform is designed to reunite lost pets with their worried families as quickly as possible.

Submitting a lost pet report or found pet information is simple and free. Simply fill out the online form with details about your pet, including their breed (common in Genesee County include Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Beagles), color, any distinguishing features, and a clear picture. The more information you provide, the faster the chances of a happy reunion at your Genesee County home.


Microchipping and Other Preventative Measures in Genesee County

While Peeva’s lost and found database is a valuable tool, the best defense against losing your pet in the first place is a multi-pronged approach. Here are some steps you can take to keep your furry friend safe and sound in Genesee County:

Microchip Your Pet: This tiny chip, implanted painlessly between your pet’s shoulder blades, stores a unique identification number linked to your contact information. If your pet ever goes missing and ends up at a shelter or veterinary clinic in Flint, Grand Blanc, Fenton, or any other Genesee County location, a quick scan with a microchip reader can reunite you with them in no time.

Collar and ID Tag: Ensure your pet wears a collar with a securely fastened ID tag that displays your current contact information. Double-check the tag regularly to ensure the information is up-to-date.

Secure Your Property: Make sure your fences and gates are in good repair to prevent your pet from escaping your Genesee County yard. Even indoor pets can find ways to bolt through open doors, so be mindful during walks and playtime outside.

Post a Lost or Found Pet

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Microchipping for Swift Recovery

In these instances, a microchip is invaluable. Peeva’s microchips not only store essential information for identification but also, when registered with Peeva, enable us to send instant lost pet alerts to our extensive network of partners, including local shelters and pet owners. 

Community Engagement

We encourage Brevard County residents to collaborate. By monitoring your area and reporting sightings on our platform, you contribute significantly to reuniting lost pets with their families.

Immediate Action Steps

If your pet is lost, post on our database with a clear description and the last known location. Also, check with local shelters and inform nearby veterinarians.

Let's Make a Difference

Our aim is to foster a supportive community network in Brevard County, streamlining the process of finding lost pets. Quick action, combined with local support and resources like Peeva's microchip registration, can significantly increase the likelihood of a joyful reunion.

Increase Your Chances of a Reunion: Partnering with Genesee County Animal Control

While Peeva’s lost and found database is a great resource, don’t forget about the dedicated staff at Genesee County Animal Control. Here’s how they can assist you in finding your lost pet or rehoming a found one:

Lost Pet? Report Immediately: Contact Genesee County Animal Control (810-732-1660) as soon as possible to file a lost pet report. Provide detailed information about your pet’s appearance, temperament, and microchip information (if applicable). Animal Control keeps track of lost pet reports and can help reunite you with your furry friend if they are picked up by their officers.

Found a Pet? Do Your Part: If you come across a lost pet in Genesee County, contact Genesee County Animal Control to check for reported missing pets. They can advise you on the next steps, which may involve surrendering the animal to the shelter for a stray hold. This will give the owner time to claim their pet and ensure the animal receives proper care while lost.

Beyond the Basics: Broaden Your Search for Your Lost Pet in Genesee County

In addition to Peeva’s database and Genesee County Animal Control, here are some additional resources to maximize your chances of reuniting with your lost pet:

Spread the Word Online: Utilize social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor to share information about your lost pet. Create eye-catching posts with clear pictures and details about your pet’s last known location in Genesee County. Target your posts to groups specific to your area, such as neighborhood groups or lost pet forums.

Put Up “Lost Pet” Posters: Print flyers with your pet’s picture and contact information. Distribute them in your neighborhood, at local pet stores, veterinary clinics, and around dog parks frequented by Genesee County residents. The wider the net you cast, the better the chance someone might recognize your lost pet.

Contact Local Businesses: Let dog walkers, groomers, and pet sitters in the area know your pet is missing. These individuals come into contact with many animals daily and may be able to identify your pet if they see them roaming around Genesee County.

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