Research and Findings

Whether it’s for our R&D efforts or finding our own data empirically to guide us into making better decisions, at Peeva, we have devoted and continually devote an incredible amount of time and resources to our research.

Why Did UB select Peeva?

In summary, our research stems from three core problem areas that each consists of 1. a detailed analysis and 2. the research, design, and development of our (hardware, firmware, and software) products to resolve them. By clicking on either of the three, you will be presented with additional links to relevant content.

March 20, 2022. We are currently in the process of making our research available in the public domain in the form of “content” throughout various pages of this website and blog posts. We have only very recently decided to go forward with this decision and it is an incredibly time-consuming task. With that noted, we will be rolling this content out on an ongoing basis so please check back often.


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Pet Microchip Scanners

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