of missing pets are NEVER found.​

Peeva is resolving the missing pet problem with a critical mass of data and a standard procedure of microchip scanning for thousands of pet professionals.

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The Harsh Reality of Missing Pets

Every year, millions of pets go missing without a trace—lost, scared, and possibly in danger. The traditional methods of recovery fail too often, leaving families in despair. Could you live knowing more could have been done?

Introducing Peeva: The Ultimate Safety Net

Peeva changes the game with our advanced Pet Recovery Service. By integrating all microchip brands into one centralized, actively searched database, we ensure that your pet’s ID is immediately accessible to pet care professionals—nationwide.

How it Works



Enroll your pet’s microchip in under a minute. It’s simple, secure, and the first step to peace of mind.


Instant Alerts

If your pet ever goes missing, Peeva sends instant alerts to shelters and vets within a 50-mile radius, ensuring rapid action.



Receive real-time notifications the moment your pet’s chip is scanned, complete with location details to swiftly bring them home.


Every 2 Minutes, a Dog Gets Lost. Secure Yours with Peeva's Microchip.​

Every two minutes, a family faces the heartbreak of a lost dog. With Peeva’s advanced microchip technology, you can safeguard your pet against this fate. Our reliable and easy-to-update microchips provide essential information to ensure a quick and safe return, offering peace of mind to pet owners everywhere.